Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Matchmaking and online dating?

Matchmakers use traditional, person-to-person matchmaking. We don't accept anonymous 'profiles' or 'avatars' but we find out exactly who you are and get to know you and your story. We use our experience and personal touch to find someone you will be compatible with and someone we think you will like, based on a combination of interests, backgrounds, and appearance preferences.

Why choose a matchmaking service?

If you don’t want to be alone, and are having trouble meeting that special someone, it makes sense to choose a matchmaking service. We use lots of services in life to help us in areas we don’t have expertise. It’s our business. We help people meet people every day.

How does this sort of service work, exactly?

First, we give you some very good advice. Dating isn’t easy, and you’ve got to give each other grace. Men and women both have preconceived notions of what you’re looking for. Maybe you’ve come out of a bad relationship. Or your spouse has died. Or you stayed in a marriage ‘for the kids’ as long as you could stand it, and now you’re on your own. No matter where you’re coming from, we tell you this: Make dating fun.
Keep a casual attitude and expect to meet some nice people. Everyone who comes through your life is there for a reason, and each person brings something new. But the one thing that everyone who comes through our doors has in common is that they want to date. So let’s keep it light!


How do you pair people?

Because we love people and are experienced matchmakers, we have a certain intuition about how to pair people. But that isn’t all there is to it. We use other tools, like simple questionnaires, to learn about your own self image and what makes you tick. But most importantly, we get to know you and connect with what you’re looking for.
We listen closely to your reactions to the people you date. From those conversations, we continually learn how to pair you with someone who complements you — someone who maybe has what you’re missing, and you have just what they need.
Using our intuition and growing knowledge of you, we match for compatibility, interests, and background. The only thing we cannot provide is chemistry! Because when everything else is in place, and the chemistry is right, you may just have found the love of your life!

Do you guarantee success?

No one can guarantee dating success. But we've been in this 'game' for 20 successful years and have matched many long-term relationships and marriages so we know something about how to put successful relationships together.

What sort of people do you have on your books?

We have a wide range of people and we perform extensive interviews with them to ensure they are who they say they are. We also determine that they are people serious about finding someone with whom to have a long-term relationship.

Do you have social events?

Yes. We enjoy hosting singles parties and events that are open to all members from time to time.

Do you produce a newsletter or a blog?

We are no longer sending individual newsletters out. As a feature of our new website, click on this and you’ll find the monthly Newsletter with all the famil or blog is included in the menu - go to our blog for our news, features and updates’. As usual we appriciate your feedback and comments, contact us if you have any suggestions or ideas to help us improve our service.

Who will I meet?

We put our 20 years' experience and listening skills to work locating and identifying true relationship seekers. We know you’re looking for people like yourself — genuine single, divorced, or widowed individuals who are seriously looking for a lasting relationship. Some people are seeking a companion, others are seeking a spouse. Either way, we will match you with someone with similar goals and aspirations.

Who pays for the first few dates, the man or the woman?

We recommend that the gentleman shows his interest in the lady by offering to pay for her for the first two invitations.


What if I just don't know how to date?

We learn many things in life, but who trains us how to date? So we give gentle coaching along the way. We understand that it’s not just the matching, but the guiding and coaching that you’re looking for.
We teach you how to relax and treat dating as fun. It all starts with a casual attitude.
We’ll show you pictures and talk to you about possible matches. We’ll help you understand that, if you want to find someone who will love you, you must be realistic, open–minded and not judgmental. We’ll remind you that you’re dating a person, not a picture. And just like you are more than a photo and a paragraph, so are they.
If you haven’t been on a date in a while, we’ll coach you on how to dress appropriately. We want you to relax and be yourself, but also to think considerately of the other person. Sometimes that’s a fine line, so we’ll discuss how to treat your date with respect.
And remember: Relax. Have fun. You’ll be fine.


"Rosie, we are probably your first couple for 2010. It’s exciting for us both as we were so lonely but thanks to our memberships with Matchcompany Ltd. we were introduced to one another. I have been happy to move from Wellington to be with my new partner – the change in my lifestyle is exciting. Thank you for making two very lonely people happy."  

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