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Ever wonder where the best place to get your hair done is? Where to find the best make-up artists to transform your look before a big night out? Looking for a great therapist, nutritionist, or personal trainer? Always wanted to get laser hair removal but was not sure where to start?
Rosie Bowie is at work for you, compiling a list of the crème de la crème of NZ products and services. Looking great and feeling great are essential in making that good first impression!
Offers are being discussed and confirmed. We want to ensure the best of the best treatment for all of our members, and we are building relationships to get you discounted or specialised services. Offers can be a discount, a free initial consultation or session, or an upgrade to a higher level of service. Just be SURE to mention Rosie Bowie!
Offers for Wellington -
Wellington on a good day
Offers for Auckland -

Auckland skyline
Offers for Christchurch -
September 2012
Hagley Park, Christchurch
More regions will be added soon. Sign up to our Facebook list or contact us to be on our mailing list to learn more - offers may come online sooner!
If you are interested in having your service provider be one of Rosie's Offers, please contact us for terms and conditions.

"Rosie is right, better grooming made me more confident. A makeover with a fresh haircut and chic glasses frames, and updating my personal style, made a difference when I did meet a great match. I knew I looked the end of our first meeting, I knew that he thought I did, too!"

- Made over and matched at age 40


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