Social Responsibilities

What is Corporate Social Responsibility AKA (CRS)?

Matchcompany Ltd. embraces Corporate Social Responsibility ethics. CSR refers to an organization’s commitment to operating in an ethical way that takes into account profit, people and the planet.
At its most basic, CSR offers us a monitoring and auditing guideline for our business to show it complies with relevant local laws and regulations. For Matchcompany Ltd. it also includes our philanthropic activities. We support many charities including but not limited to Habitat for Humanity and Rotary. We also support our local Wellington rugby team The Hurricanes.
In recent years the concept has evolved, to consider ethical and environmental concerns when making key business decisions. This makes CSR integral to the way our business relates to the world, to everything we do, and to our potential for success.
CSR can be defined by actions such as:
  1. Integrating social, environmental and economic terms into our business values and actions. Some examples: treating workers fairly; using environmentally sound practices regarding energy consumption, waste and recycling.
  2. Operating in an open, accountable and transparent way and showing concern for employees and the communities and societies in which we operate.
  3. Complying with local laws and regulations and avoiding corrupt practices such as giving or taking bribes.
  4. Living up to our commitments. Make sure people understand our business culture and concern to be a ‘good corporate citizen’. This starts with supplying quality goods and services that meet or exceed the claims we make for them.
  5. Demonstrating good business practice: invoicing and paying bills on time, delivering what we promised, exceeding expectations


"We believe in making a difference and giving back...the ethics of giving apply to our society as well as our relationships." -Rosie Bowie


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