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What is a Matchmaker?

Plenty of people ask us exactly, what is a matchmaker? The answer to that question is steeped both in history and social relationships.
Matchmakers arrange marriages or long-term love relationships (much more significant these days) by ‘matching’ couples. There are stories abounding about people who worked as matchmakers by putting friends or acquaintances together successfully. What they are doing is determining whether two people would suit one another based on a wide variety of factors: interests, age, beliefs, common activities and pursuits etc.
The role of the matchmaker in some cultures is much more ingrained in the cultural and religious framework where arranged marriages occur, such as with Chinese and Hindu cultures. Matchmaking in this situation, however, is quite unlike the sort of work that the Matchcompany Ltd. does because this traditional kind of matching is based on a range of cultural and community factors that today’s modern world wouldn’t consider such as family connections, astrological projections, religious considerations and so on.
Matchcompany Ltd.'s role is more aligned with the traditional Jewish matchmaking role – made famous in the play and film Fiddler on the Roof (“Matchmaker, Matchmaker, make me a match!” . . .) Matchmakers in Jewish culture are often called yentas, which originates from Fiddler but is not really the correct name. The correct term for matchmaker is shadchans, who have been used for many centuries to ensure good lasting matches are made. As with the Asian form of matchmaking, the Jewish matchmaker is very concerned about ensuring there is compatibility between families as much as between the couple themselves.
Although we are a ‘traditional’ matchmaking services we are firmly part of the 21st century. We are concerned with compatibility between individuals based upon their various interests and requirements, as well as a degree of intuition comes from a combined 20 years’ of matchmaking experience.
The role of the modern matchmaker in a modern society like New Zealand’s is one that helps facilitate or “brokers” relationships derived from clients who either do not have the time or the inclination to hunt out that ‘someone special’. Hence, the matchmaker today plays as important a role as ever, albeit using and helped by modern technology and the pressures of modern life.

How Does Matchcompany Ltd. Work?

Matchcompany Ltd. provides partners for those seeking long-term loving relationships. Over the last two decades in the matchmaking business, Matchcompany Ltd. has not only built up a substantial client list, but also substantial expertise in knowing what works for different people when making successful matches. The service uses our personalised, discrete methods that avoid the tedium and risks of trawling through online dating sites because we have clients who are serious about a relationship and have demonstrated that by registering with us for personal service.

How do we do it?

Using our extensive interviews and database we interview each Gold and Platinum client before we accept them as client with our agency. Our Silver service’ clients receive verbal ‘lite’ interviews and a free 90-day trial membership. Apart from the free 90-day trial, our client services and membership are fee-based.
The Gold and Platinum service clients receive a more personalized individual service. We review each of our client’s requirements thoroughly so that we can select the best possible matches for them. Matchmaking may take a few weeks to a few months depending upon the individuals. A lasting loving filled long-term relationship is well worth the wait.
Our top service, the Platinum offering, provides a highly personalised one-on-one matchmaking service individually tailored to our client. Including the initial interview Rosie will personally facilitate the vetting process of each potential candidate for matches at the Platinum level. She will remain active within this process until the match is made or rejected. Platinum potential matches go thru a rigorous background check and interview process to insure their viability to make a good match.
Our best-known and most popular service, the Gold service includes a personal interview and some support services for a very reasonable annual fee. The Gold service provides our matchmaker support where we will select clients who we think meet your requirements.
We provide ongoing support and assistance to all Gold and Platinum clients during the ‘search’ process. The service is confidential and discrete. We do not disclose other clients prior to a match unless there is express consent to do so and before suggesting a meeting we ensure that the parties are happy to meet each other.
Finally, our Silver service provides access to our ‘online database’ of other Silver clients who are also seeking to search on their own with our database for a limited time.
At any time any of our Silver or Gold members may apply to upgrade their membership.

How successful are you?

While we cannot guarantee success; we have experienced enough happy successes, including quite a few actual marriages from our clients. As New Zealand’s longest-running matchmaking agency we recognize that this business requires commitment, professionalism, intuitive understanding of human nature and patience.
Now over 80% of our clients approach us through recommendations from friends and family. There is no better endorsement then good old fashioned word-of-mouth. By engaging our service our clients know they will receive a personalized service that will increase their chances chance of meeting someone with whom they can build a loving lasting relationship.
Matchcompany Ltd. guarantees professional service and the widest client-base of any New Zealand based matchmaking organisation.

"We would like to thank Rosie, who brought us two together at a time when we had both almost given up on finding that special someone to share our lives with. Who would have thought that a girl from the North Island and a guy from the South Island would end up together as a perfect match with such an amazing connection? In the new year we plan to move in together and look forward to our future ahead. Matchcompany Ltd. is an ideal alternative to going to a singles bar, speed-dating or internet dating, which are not necessarily suited for everyone, we would recommend Matchcompany Ltd. to all singles out there, Rosie we can't thank you enough!!!!" 


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